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Published Aug 30, 22
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How to Design Product Pages that Increase Online Sales

Estee Lalonde on Instagram. There are more reasons to work with an Instagram influencer other than accessing their audience. You can tap into their knowledge of the platform, see what works, and learn to create the best content for that platform. Also, you can work with them as consumers of your brand and get their feedback and perspective, which can help improve your products.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking for an Instagram influencer to work with: Ask yourself: “Does the influencer we’re going to work with seem like someone we would want to be a customer, and would they actually use or wear our stuff?” It’s not always about the number of followers—engagement rate is more important.

Blogger outreach is about more than making friends online. It’s a process to help you achieve measurable success in your business. Even if you don’t have a lot of contacts online you can still reach out to people. The key to successful blogger outreach is to offer value and tell bloggers exactly what’s in it for them.

7 Sales-Boosting Website Design Tips You Can Implement Now

Here are some blogger outreach ideas to help you generate traffic: . While growing your own audience, guest posting gives you a way to get in front of someone else’s. Link back to your site where relevant, even if it’s only in the author bio. Guest blogging maybe time consuming, but it is one of the most powerful ways to get your brand on the map and generate backlins, especially when starting out.

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Then, publish a list of all the responses you get back. Let them know when you publish your insight and they’re likely to share it with their audience. Contact bloggers with relevant, engaged audiences and offer to send them your product for free in exchange for an honest review. If you have a great product, they’ll love it and tell everyone.

You don’t have to target the biggest and most successful people. You have a better chance of getting featured by influencers with a smaller audience because they’re not constantly swarmed with requests. Keep in mind that the loyalty of the audience matters almost as much as its size. Short-term Medium Days 💰 👤👤👤👤 This tactic is an expansion of blogger outreach that deserves its own section, as it has worked well for a long time and continues to do so.

7 Sales-Boosting Website Design Tips You Can Implement Now

For example, here are two ideas to get started: Imagine you’re a cosmetics brand and you’re writing a blog post on what to look for in buying your next foundation. You might want to reach out to influencers that write or record videos of their reviews and ask them what they think is the most important thing to look for when buying a new foundation.

Instead of waiting for an influencer to feature you, you can feature them first. If you’re looking for influencers to connect and build a relationship in your industry with, this might jump-start the process. Content marketing is about creating interesting, informative, and engaging content to organically attract customers to your online store.

Original content helps position your business as an industry thought leader and build your brand. Your business’ content strategy can include anything your customers might find relevant or interesting—don’t limit yourself to content that includes or focuses on your products. Instead, consider any and all topics and resources related to your business that your customers would find useful.

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To get in front of the right audience, make a list of topics and phrases to target. Ask yourself: If I were looking for this product/service/article, how would I search? What words would I use? What phrases? Getting in the mind of your visitor-to-be is the key to generating quality traffic.

It’s also the second-largest search engine in the world. The potential audience and numbers you can reach are impressive. According to You, Tube’s stats, it has over two billion users (almost one-third of all people on the internet), and on mobile alone reaches more 18–34 year olds than any TV network in the US, with more than 70% of You, Tube views.

The average You, Tube user is not a young, single male. So, how do you narrow down that massive audience and get the right eyes on your You, Tube channel and then back to your store? Here are some of the different types of content your business could be using: Teach new skills to build trust with your audience, and if possible, use your product as the centerpiece for solving their problem.

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Inspiring videos that fit into your business’ identity are perfect for communicating your brand’s image and ideals to a wider audience. Fun videos that cater to your audience’s interests is one of the best ways to capture viewers’ attention and focus it onto your products. Video marketing is a powerful tool you can’t afford to ignore.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of fine-tuning your website to increase its chances of ranking highly in search results for relevant keywords. SEO is a fine science and only works when you put time and effort into learning the rules that govern search engines like Google and Bing and apply those rules to the structure and content of your site.

Want to rank higher in search results? Get access to our free, checklist on search engine optimization. Get the free checklist Long-term Low Days 💰 The meta title is the line search engines show on their results page for search queries. Both meta titles and meta descriptions are attributes that determine how your page appears on a search engine results page.

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💡 You can find ideal anchor text to link by searching in Google with the following search operator: site:yourdomain. com “keyword or phrase related to page” A site’s homepage usually will be the most authoritative page on a domain, so it’s an obvious choice for an authority page to link from.